SubstiToothFairy, L.L.C. is a dental staffing agency that is a FREE service to you. We will assist you in finding permanent work in the dental practice that best suits you as well as temporary work to give you the opportunity to gain knowledge, experience, and earn a steady paycheck.

Questions to ask yourself before you apply to SubstiToothFairy:

1. Do you take pride in what you do?

2. Are you open to temporary work?

3. Are you knowledgeable in the field of dentistry?

4. Do you have a good rapport/ chair side manner with patients?

5. Are you professional?

6. Are you willing to travel?

7. Are you punctual?

8. Are you willing to be on-call for emergencies/ last minute requests?

9. Do you like to meet new people?

10. Do you quickly adapt to new surroundings?

11. Are you open to learning various dental softwares, protocols?

If you answered “Yes” to all of the questions above, we’d like you to apply to hopefully be a part of our team! If you answered “No” to any questions above, temping may not be suited for you; however, we still encourage you to sign up to be included in our permanent opening announcements.

If you’d like to sign up, we will need:

1- Application Filled out

2- Agreement filled out

3- Resume in MS Word

4- Copies of ALL credentials (X-ray certification, CPR Certification, License to practice, copy of Driver’s license)

5- 2 Work-related references (MUST BE supervisor/manager/someone you reported directly to)

Below are the downloadable attachments to join our team!