About Us

Mission Statement: Providing a well-founded community of compassionate Dental Professionals to care for patients one smile at a time!

SubstiToothFairy, LLC was established in 2008 throughout the Greater Philadelphia Region. There was a high urgency of the Dental Community to be serviced.

SubstiToothFairy understands and continues to learn all the demands of all Dental Offices in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey, that reach out for help and therefore hand-picks only the BEST workers to represent SubstiToothFairy. We hold standards high by designing an intricate interview along with a Dentist feedback system that will aid in keeping standards at a supreme level.

SubstiToothFairy strives not only to service the needs between Dental Practices that are in need of staff in order to maintain flow of the office and keep patients’ happy, but also to create jobs for professional dental staff looking for work in the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey.

In 2023, SubstiToothFairy Dental Staffing Service has proudly become a member of the American Staffing Association.

About Seta Babayan-MacCrory, Founder & CEO:

At the age of 14, Seta began working in a dental practice as a “gopher”. She learned about the dental practice from the ground up. She truly loved the experience while in high school, it motivated her to apply to Harcum College Dental Hygiene Program after graduating Upper Darby High School. She graduated with an Associate’s in Applied Science in 2004. Throughout her College career she was awarded the Edith Harcum Scholarship for exemplary work two years consecutively 2003, 2004. Seta also participated in Student Government Association 2001-2003 and was elected president of the Student Government Association in 2001.

Before SubstiToothFairy was established in 2008, Seta, passionate about the dental field, gained hands-on experience by temping as an RDH in 100+ offices, commuting great distances, sometimes working in two offices on the same day when there was dire shortage.

In June 2017, Seta was awarded with SCORE’s Small Business Achievement Award and recognized by elected officials on State and National levels for the service provided to the Dental Community as well as creating employment opportunities for dental professionals.

In March 2018, Seta was awarded Small Business of the Year by Delaware County Chamber of Commerce.

Seta being awarded Citation from Congressman Patrick Meehan

When not being Dental Cupid, Seta enjoys spending time with her husband and two children with various activities, hobbies, sports and extracurriculars- including cheering on the Philadelphia Sports Teams!

Seta is actively involved at LifeWerks Food Pantry volunteering to help the battle against hunger in her community. To learn more about how YOU can help with LifeWerks Pantry, please contact us.