January 4, 2023

This year is different….

This week was filled with requests, cancellations, sickness, running, and just the normal chaos 🤪.

My favorite part of this week was trying to visit as many Dental Practices that I help serve throughout the year! I haven’t done this since 2019, because of- well ya know…. I was thrilled to take my yearly road trip to see the offices I could!

This year was different. This year was the year I realized I just *wished* I could have helped everyone so much more than we did (even though there have been so many moments that we made the impossible, POSSIBLE 💪). It’s really difficult to feel accepted, loved, appreciated – especially when I fall short of providing coverage which ultimately results in disappointment.

This year humbled my grateful heart more so than any other year.

To all of the Dental Practices that choose me to be your Dental Staffing Service… THANK YOU, JUST THANK YOU- 🥹

I will keep trying my best for you, my team and ULTIMATELY the wondeful patients. ♥️🦷🧚‍♀️

Here’s to *wishing* we ALL have a better year than the year before 🙏